My fiverr method


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If you're looking to make some fast money on fiverr, then all you have to do is:

1. Find a gig that is similar to yours (ex. 1000+ twitter followers)

2. make sure that it is a popular gig so that it had feedback from buyers

3. contact the people that gave feedback and tell them some thing like this:

I saw your feedback for 1000 twitter followers and was wondering if you would like 10k+ twitter followers for the same price. Check out my gig here: (gig link)

Hope you enjoy.

Fiverr Guy

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I really don't see how it's possible Victor. The way the system is setup, I think only sellers can contact buyers, and even so, if sellers are caught spamming, their account can be banned. So is it worth it to have your account banned in the long run?
I think I'll give this method a go. I'm kind of struggling to get my new fiver account up an running. So far I've only gotten one gig and haven't had another one for 31 days.
It means you will be offering the same gig at a cheaper price but will increase the rates in future. I have come across this method sometime back. Sometimes it works sometimes it does not. But you can still try your luck.