Going through this Free book... Fiverr Seller Rips $$$$$ of dollars worth of Info!


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Here it is:


So the story is of this Fiverr Seller who got into the business in 2014 with Voice Overs.

He then got drained by doing these and it started to impact his business with negative reviews and cancelled Gigs.

He paused all his Gigs and then returned after a few months.

But when he returned his overall rating fell from 90% to 56%

He did some deep research, found a few stuff that worked... ditch those that didn't and the rest is history.

In just a few weeks he went back up to 88% positive rating... and he shares all the secrets of even ranking a brand new Gig on the Front Page that has added a couple hundred $$$ in income.

Really good info here and I shall be implementing these in the coming days...

Setting up everything to get it going now.

I recommend this book for anyone who want to see how Fiverr really ranks their gigs and how you can game the system to your benefit..