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fiverr Levels Explained

Discussion in 'Selling Strategies' started by Fiverr Guy, May 19, 2012.

  1. Fiverr Guy

    Fiverr Guy Administrator Staff Member

    FE Dollars:
    Taken from: http://blog.fiverr.com/2012/01/10/fiverr-levels/ & http://fiverr.com/levels

    If you don't already know, fiverr has established different levels that are supposed to help you sell more and make more money. The levels are:
    • Level 1
      • Be active on fiverr for 30 days & make 10 sales to automatically be promoted to this level
      • 4X Multiples: Buyers can now purchase up to 4 multiple orders from you (versus one at a time)
      • 2X Gig Extras: You can now offer up to 2 upgrades to buyers
    • Level 2
      • make 50 sales over a 2-month period to automatically be promoted to this level
      • 3X Gig Extras: Offer up to 3 extras to buyers
      • 8X Multiples: Buyers can now purchase up to 8 multiple orders from you (versus one at a time)
      • Priority Support
    • Top-Rated Seller
      • Manually chosen by fiverr moderators based on these factors:
        • Seniority
        • Volume of sales
        • Extremely high rating
        • Exceptional customer care
        • Community leadership
      • Receive insider access for fiverr sellers
      • Access to beta features
      • VIP support
    Level 2 provides more of the same things from Level 1, but can still expand your sales. This list will be updates as the features change.
  2. ljepilo

    ljepilo New Member

    FE Dollars:
    Is this the new system for members who made 10+ sales ?
  3. Dani72

    Dani72 New Member

    FE Dollars:
    That's interesting. I had no idea there were different levels. I would imagine the Top Rated Sellers will be pretty popular. Presumably it will make it more difficult for new sellers to get going though.
  4. Hardison

    Hardison New Member

    FE Dollars:
    I really didn't know that there were different levels. It really makes sense to give those who sell extra perks since they make money for the site.
  5. Isabellas2007

    Isabellas2007 Member

    FE Dollars:
    I never knew they offered different levels. I will have to check them out again! I know I stopped using them because I was not getting the quality I wanted.
  6. thomas pendrake

    thomas pendrake New Member

    FE Dollars:
    I'm glad to know this. I am a content writer and have heard that fiverr is a good way to find clients. I want to know what it s all about before I try it. I have too much respect for myself to risk looking foolish.
  7. lord1027

    lord1027 New Member

    FE Dollars:
    Thanks for clearing this out! I really wondered what's with all those levels (I'm pretty new on fiverr too, as a buyer). I was planning on starting to sell gigs, now I know what my aims are to get to the next level.
  8. gigseeker

    gigseeker Member

    FE Dollars:
    I'm actually a Level 1 seller on Fiverr but I'm inactive now. I think it's easy to get to Level 1 because all you need to have is 10 sales for you to get promoted to that level. But since Fiverr is getting crowded day by day, it's gonna be hard to get your gig noticed because most people will tend to go to the higher level sellers.
  9. dreamseer

    dreamseer New Member

    FE Dollars:
    I really appreciate this information about the different levels, and I imagine if one can come up with an original gig to sell that doesn't have a lot of competition, they could level up pretty quickly.
  10. Lowdown0

    Lowdown0 Member

    FE Dollars:
    The 30 days of activity, does that mean you have to be selling or working on something during those days? Just wondering cause I started about 19 days ago, but decided against it, then went back about 5 days ago and have since sold three gigs. So now I have only 11 days until I've been there a month, and have to sell 7 more gigs. Doesn't seem like this would help much anyway unless I was level 2, or said I'll write 10,000 word novel for $4. No I'm joking, no-one would take me serious then! That would be some serious talent to bust out a 10,000 piece in a day.
  11. Fiverr Guy

    Fiverr Guy Administrator Staff Member

    FE Dollars:
    You just need to be active for 30 days. You don't have to have a sale every day or buy a gig every day, but just have your account registered with no issues for at least 30 days. For instance, you can't get 10 sales in 10 days, then move to Level 1, you have to wait 20 more days (or at least you are supposed to).
  12. Lowdown0

    Lowdown0 Member

    FE Dollars:
    OK, so that means I only have about 11 days to have 7 more sales. Then I'll have to wait another month and try to get 10 sales in that month. Does that sound correct. Although, the level one icon below my profile page is 70% filled up, which is strange because I've only sold 3 gigs.
    Thanks fiverr guy for helping here. Do you know how to change the URL description for a gig. The problem is it says I'll write 500 words, but really the gig is for 300 words. How do I fix this? I put in a request with customer service, but wondering if there is a way I haven't seen. Thanks for your help.
  13. Fiverr Guy

    Fiverr Guy Administrator Staff Member

    FE Dollars:
    You don't have to get 10 sales in one month or within 30 days, you just need to first hit:
    • 30 days of being active/registered on fiverr;
    • a minimum of 10 total sales
    As far as the gig is concerned and changing the URL, if there is a major mistake like that, you won't be able to change the URL. Support won't be able to change it either. So for now you are stuck with it, unless you wanted to create a new gig and/or delete the current one.
  14. Lowdown0

    Lowdown0 Member

    FE Dollars:
    Wow, so that's no good. I guess once I can get extras, I'll include a 500 word article, and that will make more sense. That is good news for the levels though. That means I will eventually be a level one as long as they trickle in. What kind of help does this give in being seen on the fiverr pages? Would I move up into the first page in my category?
    Thanks for your help fiverr guy. If I delete my gig though, I will lose the reviews and ratings I have, right. I don't want to do this, so I guess I'm stuck with it.
  15. kadam1novasparker

    kadam1novasparker New Member

    FE Dollars:
    This helps for us Fiverr newbies. Thanks for posting this as it gives me a visual reresentation of goals that I need to set in order to advance myself on this platform. I think that the only way to make Fiverr a viable income stream is to aim for the higher levels so that you can be listed towards the top. Gonna be tough though.
  16. Lowdown0

    Lowdown0 Member

    FE Dollars:
    I'm thinking about posting on the warrior forum as well as this one, and maybe another one, to promote my gig. There is also a place on the Warriors forum to pay $40 and get advertising for your service. Maybe could be worth the money to get some reliable clients.
  17. suren

    suren New Member

    FE Dollars:
    what about the 3rd level\?
    because i think they have a 3 d level as well?
    and i think i saw people are selling a lot but they are still in level 1 how that is possible?
  18. Fiverr Guy

    Fiverr Guy Administrator Staff Member

    FE Dollars:
    Currently the 3rd level is the Top-Rated Seller level.
  19. Brad

    Brad New Member

    FE Dollars:
    Normally they're but I have seen one with like 50 sales and he is a top rated seller.
    If you are a great seller and you're helpful to your buyers then you have more chance of getting it.
  20. qaximor

    qaximor New Member

    FE Dollars:
    Thank you for your clarifications never knew levels are actually a thing on fiverr. I just started selling gigs today and hope I reach the highest level and make good enough money :D

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