Can't seem to get people to take my gig

I have been on fiverr for around 35-37 days. You'd expect me to have some customers by now, but so far I've only gotten one customer. I've tried promoting my gig and undercutting other sellers but nothing seems to work. For example: I offer translation services and most people do 500 words for 5$ some do, 750 words and some do 1000 words. At first I offered 1500 and I only got one gig. Then I increased to to 2000 words, but no one seems to care. They keep ordering those high rated gigs for a high price, instead of taking newcomers. Honestly what can I do to increase my traffic flow and have more people order my gig?
I would suggest you stop wasting your time on that site and try using another site. I think try content mills it can be easy work with quick pay other than waiting for months on Fiverr. Try using iwriter or textbroker both are great.
What is your description? How long does it take you to do a translation? Are the other gigs offering other services along with the translations? Do you respond to clients who email you? Like there could be any number of reasons. Furthermore if your one sale left a good review then you should be able to click on the buyer requests list - did your one gig leave a review? If not then why not ask for one?
In situations like this your visitors are likely hesitant in ordering because they don't like the fact that you haven't already sold a lot and are untrusting. It can be beneficial to get someone who you know to order your gig to make it look more visitor friendly.


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It's on certain kinds of gigs that do well on fiverr and people aren't too hesitant about. Do some research on that and see if anything u do matches those.