Buyer expectations

I received a message on fiverr from a buyer about editing the content on a Website that the buyer is in the process of building and from my understanding it sounds as if the buyer is looking for a seller that will edit all of the written content on their site or a good share of the content.

I made it very clear in my gig that I would write good content for Website owner's and even though being a writer I'm more than capable of editing a site, I think a buyer's expectations are fairly high if they're expecting a writer to edit all of the content on their Website for $5.

I did send a message back to the Website owner regarding their inquiry with a clear explanation of what I would be willing to do for their site and if they message me back, cool, and if not, that's okay with me also because I'm only going to do so much for the amount of money that's involved.

I'd like to know what you think and if you feel that some of the fiverr buyer's expectations are too high. Basically, would you take on this type of gig for $5?

Fiverr Guy

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I think you are going about it the right way. Some buyers will try to lure you in with vague expectations, and will either do a bait-and-switch or become one of those people you simply can't please.

From the sounds of it, I would stay away from this buyer. You did the right thing by stating exactly what the gig will cover and what it won't, and if they do not contact you, I think you dodged a bullet.
Thanks for the great advice Fiverr Guy because on the one hand I was thinking it would be my first gig, but after I thought about it I felt like that was just expecting far too much for that type of pay. If it had been a Website with just a few pages and not a whole lot of text that would be one thing, but there's a lot of information on this site so thanks again since I wasn't 100% certain that I was doing the right thing.
I definitely think that you did the right thing. Some people on this site are probably desperate enough to do the work for $5 but I don't think that it's a good thing for them to do. While they're making $5, they're putting in too much time for that little money.
Editing can be worse then writing. I bought a site from a guy last year and it was suppose to have ten articles with it. When I received the site I realized that the articles were written by a non-native Engish speaker and although I tried to edit it them, it became a bigger chore than I thought it would. I just ended up writing fresh articles in the end.
I think it depends upon the person. I tend to like editing/rewriting articles. In fact, I'd have to say I enjoy doing that more than I enjoy writing new ones LOL
Well if the amount of time and effort requires you to be compensated fro more than $5, then I think you did the right thing. Although if you think you can squeeze in a little more effort even if you think that it's over $5 then go ahead and do it, because the feedback you will get from that buyer will lure in more buyers.
I understand. Sometimes people feel that they want so much work for so little. What they need to understand is that sometimes it takes just as much time to read and edit work. I have learned to be very careful about some of these people and to let them know exactly what I am not willing to do. Some of these people have the nerve to get mad. For me time is money.
SmartMom, you're right... It's important to make sure that they know up front what you are and aren't willing to do. I think that if they get mad about that, then it's their loss. At least they won't be able to give you negative feedback in the end when they were expecting more than what you delivered.
Heck, if I was you I would talk to the client and ask them what exactly they want you to do. Then put together a price quote for them to guarantee they are aware this is outside of what you would normally be doing.
The only problem is that is that Fiverr frowns on people taking work outside of their platform. The only way around that is to set up a bunch of gigs and specify that they're only for that specific buyer. That way you could keep the gig, give the client what he wants and give Fiberr what they want too.
I personally would never do this gig for $5. The buyer is asking for way too much. Besides doing all the extra work for not enough money, if you fall short of their expectations, they can give you a bad rating. That's the last thing you need. If you get one bad rating you can kiss your career of selling on Fiverr goodbye. My advice to you would be to stay away from this buyer, it's just not worth it.