Anyone Ever Use

I've been selling on for a while and I've made some pretty decent money. However, the past few years there has been a lot more competition on the website. I recently was doing some internet surfing and I found this site called It's pretty much the same concept as except that the gigs are bought and sold for $4 instead of $5. Has anyone here done any business with them? If so, can you let me know some pros and cons? Thanks in advance!
One is that low pay meaning you will get less money by the time the money is transferred to you because they have to cut a percentage to keep the site running. I have seen many sites with Fiverr scripts but Fiverr will still be the best and most trusted.
I have never heard of fourer. I do have to admit though, that if someone were having a hard time on fiverr, they might be willing to give it a try. Just to see if they can get any gigs there.
I looked at the site and seems pretty much the same, including the same types of gigs available. I suppose it might be nice to carve out a bit of income from another site if this is your type of preferred freelance task, but it seems like each job would pay less and less because of the site and PayPal fees. I think I'll pass.